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Do you have an idea that you would like to share with other history teachers?

We are keen to give a voice to all history teachers and therefore would very much encourage you to get in contact and write an article for us.

Please don’t worry if you have never written anything before. Many of our contributors are first-time authors. We really welcome ideas from all and are looking for people to share their practice and contribute their history teaching ideas.

If you are concerned about writing, we will give you the advice and guidance you need to write your article and make it clear to all.

We are just so keen that you have a platform to share your ideas.

What might you focus on?

You could look at a particular history teaching issue and discuss how you went about addressing it. You could write about an area of disciplinary focus that you have worked on, eg improving your students’ understanding of causal reasoning or evidential understanding.

You might want to discuss policy – for example, an issue with the National Curriculum for History, or with history examinations or assessment.

You might want to focus on a general area of teacher practice that you have analysed through a history teaching sense.

Simply fill out the form below and upload your article idea as a short summary document. 400 – 800 words should be enough for you to outline your initial thinking.

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