Practicalhistories.com has been set up by two like-minded history teachers and educators who want to help all history teachers improve their practice.

With nearly 50 years of history teaching experience between them, Richard McFahn and Aaron Wilkes understand only too well the day to day challenges of being in the history classroom.

They have come together to create, curate and edit this online magazine for all history teachers.

The aims of Practicalhistories.com are simple:

  • To provide a voice to all history teachers.
  • To provide a platform for history teachers to share their practice.
  • To promote the sharing of practical, tips and strategies and therefore allow all history teacher in mainstream schools to reflect upon and improve their practice.
  • To provide a free to access online magazine for all who are interested in history teaching.
  • To provide easy to access articles, teaching resources, examples of lesson ideas and curriculum planning ideas to support history teachers.

If you are interested in sharing your practice and writing an article then you can find out more here.

About the editors

Richard McFahn has worked for over twenty years as a history teacher, Subject and Senior Leader, Advanced Skills Teacher and Local Authority Adviser. He leads the History ITE course at the University of Sussex.

Richard has regularly led well-received workshops and opening plenary sessions at the Schools History Project and the Historical Association Conferences.

In 2019 he set up The Grassroots History Conference at Sussex – a new conference for history teachers in south of England. He has written several books, articles and numerous blogs on different aspects of History Teaching.

Richard created, developed and now curates historyresourcecupboard.com – a website aimed at supporting history teachers with digital resources. He has also developed historyhomework.com – a website which provides instantly marked homework tests and quizzes for History GCSE students.

Aaron Wilkes has over 20 years’ experience working in schools as a teacher, department and faculty leader.

He is also the Secondary PGCE History Subject Lead at the University of Warwick.

In addition to the classroom, Aaron is also one of the leading history authors in school publishing and the series which bears his name (KS3 History by Aaron Wilkes), published by Oxford University Press. This is currently one of the best-selling KS3 History textbook series/online packages in the country.

He is also the Series Editor/Co-author of OUP/AQA’s KS4 History textbooks which match the AQA GCSE History specification.

He has written many teaching articles (for the BBC and SecEd Magazine, for example) and has delivered whole school and departmental training all over the UK and Ireland, as well as across Europe in places such as Moscow, Naples, Istanbul and Baku.

Practical Histories


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